Located right on the docks of Fishermans’ Wharf, we are a H.A.C.C.P. certified processor and distributer of fresh crab, salmon and halibut to wholesalers, seafood retailers, restaurants, local grocers and supermarkets. We also offer cooking and off-loading services.  Pezzolo Seafood deals directly with the fisherman and boats which gives us direct control over product quality, freshness and traceability.  

We are recognized and known for our whole cooked Dungeness Crab.  Over the years, Pezzolo Seafood has developed a fine-tuned cooking process that has become a "secret recipe" of sorts.  The end result is a sweet and succulent taste “second to none” in our industry.  Since we cook the crab just footsteps away from our offloading location, it simply doesn’t get any fresher.   Our operation can provide seafood to our suppliers right off the boat and to market the same day.  Equipped with state of the art crab cookers, our catch is able to reach our wholesalers, markets and restaurants within hours of offloading.  A rarity on Fishermans’ Wharf, Pezzolo Seafood cooks crab daily…a service that has always differentiated us from our competition.