Pezzolo Seafood recently signed on with Trace Register, a system designed to trace a seafood product from seafood vessel, through the supply chain, to market.  This tracking methodology ensures suppliers and respective buyers a seafood product was fished legally and responsibly, utilizing sustainable fishing practices. 

The boats that fish for our company adhere to regulations and guidelines set by The California Department of Fish and Game & The National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries). Specifically, our local crab season typically starts on the 15th of November and is open through the 30th of June.  The closure of the fishing season provides a "breeding period" and also gives the undersized and "soft shelled" crab time to mature and develop undisturbed under natural conditions. The pots used to catch the crab have "escape holes" large enough for the females and undersized crab to exit the trap, but small enough to retain the larger mature crab ready for harvest.  Only mature male crab consisting of a hard shell and measuring at least 6 1/4" across can be harvested.  The females are never harvested in order to promote steady future reproduction. 

How fish are caught makes a difference.  Our salmon fishing boats utilize a fishing method known as "trolling".  The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program recognizes this method as an environmentally responsible and sustainable fishing practice.  The use of baited hooks on lines (as opposed to using nets) helps minimize "by-catch", another term for sea life that is unintentionally caught in fishing gear.