For over two decades, Ron Pezzolo and his son Joseph Pezzolo have operated their wholesale seafood company on the docks of San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. A family rich with San Francisco heritage, Pezzolo's lineage can be traced back to the famed San Francisco baseball player, Francesco Stephano Pezzolo, otherwise known as "Ping Bodie". This San Francisco born Italian-American ball player remains as much of a San Francisco icon as the legendary Frank Alioto, a founder of Alioto's #8 Restaurant and grandfather of Joseph Pezzolo. It was under Frank Alioto that both Ron and eventually his son Joseph began their careers in the seafood industry on Fisherman's Wharf.

As a fish buyer and specialty cutter, Ron established his presence within the local seafood community early on in his career. Comradery about the docks and crab stands created friendships and relationships that encouraged the opening of Pezzolo Seafood in 1987. It was through his altruistic demeanor and good ol' fashioned work ethic that he quickly earned the respect of his peers on Fisherman's Wharf. Ron built his business with his word and a firm hand shake. His professional and personal relationships alike are long established. Childhood friends that fished the tides outside the Golden Gate Bridge to this day still bring their catch to his establishment.      

Ron's son, Joseph, came to Pezzolo Seafood with years of experience working on Fisherman's Wharf. He spent his high school summers working for his grandfather at Alioto's #8 restaurant.  While attending The University of San Diego, Joseph became a part-time summer employee at Pezzolo Seafood. Upon graduation, Joe joined the company full time with intentions to grow the business alongside his father. Equipped with a degree in Business Administration, Joseph stepped into a management role overseeing Operations/Regulations and Finance. 

A family steeped in tradition, Pezzolo Seafood is passionate about providing unparalleled quality and service. Integrity and reliability in the sourcing and delivery of superior seafood products has earned their company a reputation unsurpassed.